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We primarily install electric charging equipment in office buildings, car parks, company premises, and in family homes and condominiums. We also provide comprehensive operation for these throughout the country, and also undertake the establishment and operation of public charging stations.

Our services cover all areas related to electrical charging.


Experience shows that supplying the electricity required by charging equipment and installing electrical wiring is often more costly than purchasing the equipment. Our technical team has many years of experience and nationwide coverage, and carries out a free-of-charge on-site survey after preliminary consultation. Based on this, we make a cost-effective recommendation for possible charger locations and the design of electricity supply that best suits the prevailing needs and conditions.

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Through our SaaS-based (software as a service) platform, we offer charging point owners a comprehensive, cost-effective and high-quality charger management and electromobility service.

The system allows for starting and finishing charges, tracking and settlement, all with full protection of data. Be it employees, tenants, guests or residents, chargers can only be used with appropriate authorization. It is also possible to use the equipment with a mobile application and/or RFID tag, as required.

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The continuous operation of the charging equipment, made of premium-quality materials, is monitored and controlled by our IT back-end system, immediately reporting any anomalies to our 24/7 customer service. They organize both ad-hoc troubleshooting and planned maintenance, which is carried out by our experienced technical team with nationwide coverage. Our qualified technicians also perform the shock hazard measurement of the chargers.

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dynamic energy management

Dynamic Load Management (DLM) is a solution designed to manage energy when multiple charging stations are operating simultaneously. DLM enables the simultaneous charging of multiple electric vehicles in the most efficient way possible, by dynamically using the remaining available power and distributing it between chargers. This allows for increasing the number of charging stations without increasing the contracted capacity. This can make electricity costs more economical, reduce availability charges and overall be an important step towards more conscious energy use, serving the significant needs of electromobility.

Key characteristics:

  • Energy monitoring of the building: Measures the energy consumed by the building and the DLM dynamically sets the available power of the electric vehicles.
  • Priority chargers: Scheduling of VIP charging transactions.
  • Cooperation with OCPP:: In addition to the DLM system, the chargers can also be controlled by an IT (back-end) system.
  • Charging status: Remote monitoring of charging points.
  • User RFID authentication: : Individual/group client identification and management.
  • Energy monitoring: Overall energy consumption can be remotely monitored and reported in real time.
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The IT system is the heart and soul of e-mobility. We can deliver outstanding service to our customers – whether they are a condominium, office building, restaurant or hotel – by using a reliable, customizable and continuously upgradable system.