CONTe-GO is a standard-sized, easy-to-transport, industrial grade premium container with electric vehicle chargers (with Type 2 connectors) installed on three vertical walls, so the charging container can charge three EVs at the same time. The system can also charge electric bicycles and electric scooters (us- ing the additional connectors found on the lower portion of the charging wall). In addition, the 1 Suko double plug socket provides the possibility to connect additional smaller charging adapters (e.g., electric motorcycle). Manufactured in 2023, CONTe-GO is the result of exemplary collaboration by three industry trailblazers. It is a mobile and modular device that can be placed at any loca- tion, and can be safely put into operation in minutes when connected to the provisional electrical power grid. The professional quality system installed in the container manages the energy regulation and the protection necessary for safe and optimal charging.



Length: 3000 mm
Width: 2440 mm
Height: 2788 mm

Weight: 1134 kg/ 4 x 10′ CONTe-GO units can be transported on 1 truck

Walis: 40 mm thick sandwich panel walls with PIR foam filling, RAL9002

Frame: S235JR welded steel frame, RAL7016

Floor: 9 mm thick hexa anti-slip coated plywood, 72 mm thick ribbed PIR foam filled floor panel

Design, production:

Continest Factory, Continest Technologies Plc..


CONTe-GO is equipped with iF Design Award 2022 winner Lumina chargers

The charging devices – in addition to their attractive exterior – are capable of delivering up to 22 kW of power, and it is also possible (in parallel with elec- tric vehicles) to charge electric scooters and bicycles on the charger’s second connector.

By communicating with each other, the charging devices can optimally distribute the electricity capacity available on site between the vehicles, thereby ensuring the maximum charging speed.

It can be set so that charging is available to anyone (Plug&Charge) or charging can only be started with an RFID identifier.

If required, the chargers can be connected to the IT system of ALTE-GO, so that the utilization of the chargers can be monitored, the charging report can be obtained, and payment and accounting can be ensured using a mobile application.


Operating voltage: 400 [V] Frequency: 50 [Hz] Rated current: 63 [A]
YEAR. system: TN-S+EPH

YEAR.Dept.: 1 Touch protection mode

Closing current: 20 [kA]

Fire prevention option: YES

Distribution equipment data:

Nominal voltage: Un=3x400V/230V

Size (LxWxD): 1830x600x250mm

IP protection: IP30

Nominal insulation voltage: 500 [V]

Voltage of auxiliary circuits: 12 [V]

Vonatkozó szabványok:

Regarding structural design (IEC 61439-1 11.2-11.8.)
Regarding operational characteristics (IEC 61439-1 11.9-11.10.)

The switchgear is checked.

Operating parameters:

Operating temperature:

-20°C – +85°C

Operating humidity range:

20 – 80% relative humidity


POWER TWIST industrial plug (63A 400V 3P+N+F, IP67)

Electrical design and installation:

HOTTA Green Energy Ltd.

Power output: AC MAX. 22 kW 3×32 A

Connector type: TYPE 2

Make the world greener while saving time and energy!